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A Sudden Sharing Thought from Eiko Ngan

I want to share something right now and I don't know where is the most appropriate space that i can share effectively.So, i choose my blog to share even thought it may not effective enough but thats also because the length of my statements are toooo long that can't share through my facebook account.

Heres my sharing,

29/9/10 3:05pm
I Just finished an online survey talking about "No Plastic Bag Campaign" .When asking about why i want to support this campaign.Heres my answer~

Of cause we must support,as we are one of the citizens in the earth, we do have the responsibility to not say protect, but is reduce the harm that we bring to the earth. I don't want to die young of coz, i don't want to see the earth is getting sick, I don't want to feel the temperature of the earth is keep growing rapidly, I hope we are not the burdens of the earth, I hope we can stay in the earth ever ever after, I hope my future generation can still enjoy what we had now in the future, I hope my eco-friendly attitude able to persuade and influence others, and the most important thing is because I LOVE THIS PLANET, love needs action to prove, so thats why i support this campaign and being eco-friendly always.

Im not trying to prove how grand im as a eco-friendly person n also i do admit that i still use plastic bag sometimes in some special cases. But what i want to show here~is hope everyone AWARE to this campaign's objective~please REDUCE the rate of using plastic bag with the heart of LOVING this planet.Go out with a reusable bag with container inside and not using polystrene.

There are a lots of reasons to lead us to do that. And i always wonder why there is only a few groups in this world care about eco-friendly? Why there are groups named ECO-FRIENDLY and NOT ECO-FRIENDLY? You need to know, as i have the responsibility, YOU, as one of the citizens in this planet, how come you say you are not eco-friendly? Is it the way you suicide? If YES, please don't bring other innocent people (including me) to hell with you, and if NO, Please Please and Please, being responsibility and know the rules.

Usually, I always become quite TENSION when talking about these stuff.Because I really can't understand, the awareness of being eco-friendly is still low in Malaysia.They don't even care and thankful to what the earth gives them.What's wrong here? I can't even know.

Please not giving excuses,it will only enlarge your guilty and irresponsible. Remember, there is always a choice.

If u do LOVE this earth, SHOW US. =)

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