~Eiko Blove Story~


~Another Mini Life Report~

~Hi ya~

~Guess I have'nt formal announce that~Eiko is Back from the 4days 3nights KL-Genting trip~!!!(clap)with...a lots of photos indeed~XD thats my souvenirs for you guys(thx for your kindness)~!

~Conclusion of my trip is~WAO~THERE WAS NICEEEE & AWSOMEEEEE~!

~KL sungai wang is still crowded with lengluis after I have not been there for about several months~looking lengluis are always my hobby no matter where I am~hiahia~

~Genting is still surrounded with my favourable colder weather~Previously,I heard a lots of rumours talking about GH is not cold anymore~This really freaking up me as GH is one of my dream places in Malaysia~and also if thats really happens~I will feel sad about how worse is the global warming occurs in our country~

~Anyway~I LOVE GH~so as Cameron Highland~and one thing~I can tahan very very cold climate~ask my friends if you have any doubt on my ketahanan XD~haha~

~My hair had coloured with dark brown and actually is the same colour with last time~LOVE it ^^~Cheras Pasar Malam, the biggest and longest PM in Malaysia thought~is still available with different kind of food and people~

~As thats is my 2nd time been there in my life time~I found that the situation there remind me while me at Taiwan shi lin Pasar Malam ~which means great~!

~As I'm home supposingly my article about the past trip will be appeared~But~What I'm doing now is trying to fix with those photos~because is really quite a huge amount~

~Those works Including Arranging~Selecting~Editing~n the last thing is Storybording~

~Happy to see that my photos this time have a little different with quite a lots of style but not just the same like usual~Eiko loveeee changing her look by herself~! yeah\(^o^\)~!

~It will be a very complexity + difficulty + long-lasting + technique process need to be carried out before my next article comes out with those new stories line~

~So ya~

~Please be patient while waiting for my Photo&Story Processing Done~

~and at the same time~

~Please don't forget eiko needs everyone votes at project O&O~

~Step 1~
~LIKE the group~

~STEP 2~
~LIKE the photo~

~maybe some of you may feel unpleasant while I keep spaming you guys facebook wall to gain vote and support~

~Sorry for any inconvenient if happens~But I hope everyone like you can see and understand that how strongly I want this with my true heart~

(/^o^)/~Sincerely~Thank You Everyone~\(^o^\)

~and one thing~

~Photography Society is going to PORT DICKSON & MALACCA this time~

~interestng?~but tell you~we only offers about 40seats~!and until now~the seats are already taken half~!so hurry up registrating with eiko~!!!

~more information here~

~I found that there are a lots of publicity need to do recently o.O~

~Love ya~

~I need to back to “work”again XD~



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