~Eiko Blove Story~


~Day to Day~


~this will be the 1st time for me to write my blog in English~n I truly hope that you can still understand the Eiko Ngan's broken English until the end of this article~haha^^~

~talk about last week~

~there is a lot of efforts I put on exercising recently~almost everyday jogging jogging and jogging @o@~

~don't ask about why~eiko ngan is the one who always runs her diet plan no matter in what situation~but the problem is it is very difficult for her to lose weight even she try so badly(sobT-T)~pity for her~

~last week was the most disgusting sweat i ever had thought~but the truth is i enjoy the sweating moment =P~haha~

~so these are the 3 of the Bubble Family Jogging Members ^^/~

~next~another jogging day~

~I found myself frequently get trouble while wearing helmet > <~whats wrong with me?~ ~I can't wear it properly seen my eyes were covered~omg~how noob I am o.O~

~but this really mentioned me about something~guess what~ya~thats my childhood memory~GOGO POWER RANGER~!XD oh~i used to be their fans last time~lol~

~next~one day~

~eiko ngan was invited by the Famous Chef Mr. Bani for dinner at home~yeah~!v(^o^)v

~so this is the chef selection fried sausage spaghetti~so delicious~!

~except the spaghetti~fried chicken fillet~bean sprout with oyster sauce and lychee with soya milk are AWESOME~!! I felt I was at home when having dinner that day~touching o(>_<)o~~ ~lastly~how about dessert?~ ~ya~thats the chef's idea~Haagen-Dazs cookies and cream flavoured ice cream a~!!!!! TOT

~the feeling was complicated when having this god gift ice cream (>_<)~Truly grateful because of the super nice taste of the ice cream v(*v*)v~guilty because of the unbelievable ice cream price (T_T)~ ~Between~this was my 1st time having the high class Haagen-Dazs ice cream~omg~is 1st TIME I repeated~!

~he was truly enjoy~!XD

~thanks the Chef Mr.Bani~invited me as the guest for washing dishes that day XD~i knew i done really good job on that~haha~!

~nola~really thanks a lot for the delicious cuisines and invitation indeed =)~truly appreciate and grateful TT~

~as the final exam is around the coner~wish everyone perform well in every paper~^^




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